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Whole Earth is a company that is focused on making a difference by helping others to live a “greener” lifestyle by taking responsibility for their own waste. Our company’s main objective is to provide our customers with a “hands on”, reliable service that is completely hassle free.

Tell me more about the service

Once you have signed up to our service recycling is easy. Just put all your recyclable materials into your recycling bins and put the bin out on your pavement outside your home or complex or office gate. Collections take place between 7:30 and 5:00 on your allocated collection day. Please place the bin outside before 7:30am.

Do I need to sort the recycling?

NO. There is no need to sort any of your recyclables; we will do that for you.

“Hawk Flight ” Community Development Program

Hawk Flight (the name given by our 11 very dedicated sorters) is the name of our community development partnership which Whole Earth has with our sorters whereby they own all the recyclables that we collect and any money made from these materials goes directly to them.  The idea is to allow them to create a jobs, sustainable business whereby they are able to increase their earnings and as our business grows. 

By sticking to the "What to recycle list" and ensuring that the materials you are recycling are the correct materials and that they are clean.  Also try to recycle as much as possible.  Every little bit helps.  Waste removal is the biggest expense in recycling and that is why we would like to stress the importance of the correct materials being sent for recycling.

In most cases if they aren’t rinsed we aren’t able to recycle them so please just run them under the tap for a second before dropping them in the bin. This mainly applies to plastic containers, sauce bottles and polystyrene trays.

Tell me more about the bins?

The bins we use are blue and white 240Litre wheelie bins that are labeled as recycling bins. They are easily distinguishable from those of the municipality. Should you need more than one bin an additional bin can be supplied at an additional cost.

You may use your own bin with a sticker at R35-00 or buy one from us at R550.

What can I put into the bins?

We recycle all forms of recyclable waste. This includes paper, plastic, cans/tins, glass and certain types of polystyrene.

For a more detailed list of what can and can’t be recycled please see the “What to recycle” list attached.


How do I sign up?

Please send us a mail on info@wholeearth.co.za

We need to establish the following:

The address of your home, complex or office and area you are based in. This is to see if we cover the area.

We will then forward the “sign up” and “debit order” forms and send it back to us. We will then invoice you for the service and, on receipt of payment; we will mail the collection dates and arrange the bin/sticker delivery.

Update your details

Please update us if the email and contact address changes.


Termination of service

You can cancel the services by giving us one month’s paid notice in writing. Please if you sell or move please notify us as well a month in advance.

We appreciate you as a willing recycler J

 Warm Regards

 Whole Earth Recycling











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